Greetings. My name is Jordan McIver and I love to run. Why? I can talk forever about the physical and mental benefits of distance running. However, when it comes down to it, I enjoy the challenge, the adrenaline, and the ability to improve myself in every which way.

Running History

I discovered trail running one day after a tough day at school in Grade 12. I ventured out into the wilderness of the Fort McMurray Birchwood trails, not knowing where I was going, and ran as hard as I could for as long as I could. After about 8 minutes, I stopped to catch my breath and remember feeling a great sense of calm and beauty in my surroundings. Distance/trail running coincides nicely with my desire to find beautiful surroundings and keep in shape. Two months later, I did my first race and haven’t stopped since.

I’ve done well over 200 races, maybe close to 300 by now. I’ve won a few of them, but am quite content on enjoying the little things and focusing on improvements, rather than placings.

Why is this site called “Breaking 30″?

I had the idea to start this blog after thinking about my goal of trying to break 30 minutes for 8km/5 miles. I have modest goals when it comes to running and I find that this is the last goal I have yet to achieve. This year, I will attempt to break the 30 minute barrier for 8km and hope this blog can motivate me to reach that milestone.

Club Running

I don’t officially run with any particular running club, but I do run from the Callingwood Running Room sometimes and at Fast Trax Ski Shop. Given my busy work schedule, it’s hard for me to commit to a rigid running schedule.

What types of races do you focus on?

I like to mix things up each year (track, road, trail, indoor/outdoor), however I tend to focus on the 5-8km distance. I find being a heavier runner, it’s tough to hold pace for the longer distances.

Favourite Races

The hillier the race, the better. I think that races like Sinister7, Canadian Death Race, and the K-100 offer great opportunities for experiencing a variety of scenery and challenges. Although, probably my most favourite non-relay race is the 5Peaks Canmore race.

Personal Bests

  • 400m – 58 seconds
  • 1000m – 3:00
  • 1500m – 4:50 (outdoor track)
  • 1500m – 4:53 (indoor track)
  • 1600m – 4:53 (road course)
  • 2.5km – 8:08
  • 3000m – 10:48 (indoor track)
  • 5.0km – 17:50
  • 8.0km – 30:42
  • 10.0km – 39:39
  • 21.1km – 1:27
  • 42.2km – 3:26