Adventure Run: Windermere

Exploring trails in Windermere.

On April 16, 2016, Brian, Claudette, Warren and I explored some nice pathways and trails through Windermere. Although the houses are a bit too esoteric, we enjoyed the scenery and pretending that we lived in such a rich neighborhood.



Above: Max impersonating Sacha
Above: First pond trail.
Above: Second pond trail.
Above: Lots of big classy homes.
Above: Nice area.
Above: Multi-million dollar showhome. Most expensive in Edmonton ever.
Above: Evil Max
Above: Brian reflecting and dreaming of golf.
Above: Group perspective shot.
Above: New trail along the North Saskatchewan on our way to golf course.
Above: Belly shot on ice.
Above: Warren tired
Above: Steep switch back hill in Windermere
Above: Warren even more tired
Above: Crossing the creek back into Windermere neighborhood.
Above: Claudette flying down hill.
Above: I made Claudette do this hill twice.
Above: Found a sled in good shape, but not very fast in the spring.

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