Race Report: K-100 Relay 2016

Best finish ever for K-100.

Above: 7 AM start line
Above: Me racing about halfway through Leg 1
Above: Kevin racing on Leg 2.
Above: Guys hanging out while Kevin runs.
Above: Claudette fighting the wind on Leg 3.
Above: Claudette showing off her muscles.
Above: Grant helping out on water duties.
Above: Jason on his way of setting a team record on Leg 4.
Above: Jason sucking wind at the end of Leg 4.
Above: Warren telling stories.
Above: Darren on Leg 5.
Above: Darren climbing big hill.
Above: Laurie excited to start Leg 7.
Above: Laurie cruising on Leg 7.
Above: Warren happy to be done Leg 10.
Above: Group celebrating the end of the race.
Above: Team photo


Here is some video footage from the race.

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