Race Report: Sinister7 2015

Photos from this year’s Sinister7.

Above: The team arrives for pre-race dinner/meeting.
Above: Excitement building at the start line.
Above: Kevin ready to go for leg 1.
Above: Moments before the start.
Above: These crazy kids (Joel/Kate) did two legs each.
Above: The daunting ski hill leading up to legs 3-4.
Above: Jillian’s big yet gentle dog.
Above: Warren happy to be running with broken foot.
Above: Darren crushing his leg 2 time by 20 minutes from last year.
Above: Female solo leader Alissa St. Laurent closely behind us.
Above: Dr. Brian excited for his first Sinister7 leg.
Above: Coach Claudette helping Jordan after tough leg in the heat.
Above: Merissa and Jillian prior to start of leg 5.
Above: Rain coming down during leg 6.
Above: Darren testing out Claudette’s light.
Above: Claudette excited for an adventure in the darkness.
Above: Chasing Girls Team Photo

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